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In case you register for one of our eventy, we may forward your name, academic title, professional title and your company address to other participants to the event by means of a list of participants. You may object to this use at any time, by sending a short message to

3A does not share personal data with third parties except as permitted respectively required by law or when the individual person has expressly indicated that the information may be shared. Protecting the privacy of personal data is important to us.

Electronic Mailings

If you do not wish to receive electronic information (e.g. newsletters and invitations to events) from 3A, please send a respective message to


You should be aware that transfer of data over the internet (such as communication by e-mail) is neither completely secure nor fully protected against access by third parties. Please have sensitive data send by regular mail or upfront agree on a secure digital way of data transfer with us.

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